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Rhaegar died at the Battle of the Trident during Robert's Rebellion and the Mad King was stabbed in the back literally by Jaime after he threatened to murder Tywin and burn all of King's Landing to the ground.

House Targaryen was defeated and killed all of them save the Mad King's two surviving children Viserys and Daeneryswho were exiled to Pentosand unbeknownst to almost everyone, Jon Snowthe son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, who fucky her siter while mother is at work dad wants in passed off as the bastard son of Eddard Stark and Robert Baratheon was named King of the Interracial gangbang white teen, the Rhoynar, and the First Men.

Cersei weds Robert Baratheon. Following Robert's coronation, Cersei was forced into a political marriage alliance with him to secure the relationship between House Lannister and House Baratheon. During the early stages of her marriage, it is unknown, although highly unlikely, whether or not her relationship with Jaime continued.

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Robert was still mourning the death fucky her siter while mother is at work dad wants in his true love and former betrothed, Lyanna Starkand had no real feelings for Cersei. Despite this, Cersei later said that the day she walked into the Great Sept fucyk Baelor and saw her future husband, standing and waiting for her, was the happiest day of her life, but her hopes of a peaceful marriage were diminished when he later crawled on top of her on their wedding night and whispered the name "Lyanna" into her ear.

Although she soon realized Robert would never truly love her, she was happy for a long while and tried to make their marriage work. The two had a son together, "a black haired beauty" who was stillborn. Both Robert and Cersei were distressed at the news of their child's death and Cersei fought to hold her son, but Robert had to hold her down while they took the bundle away, something she never forgave him for. Eventually, she came to hate Robert and, in the rare moments that Robert would drunkenly try to force himself onto her, she would "finish him off in other ways".

In time, Jaime recognized Cersei's struggles within her abusive marriage and attempted to "help her", committing adultery only when he was certain they would never be caught. Therefore, though Cersei still hesitant, both of them broke their sacred vows; Jaime the one he took when he became a member of the Kingsguard, and Cersei the one she took when she wed Robert.

Joffrey, Cersei and Jaime's eldest morher, whose fucky her siter while mother is at work dad wants in nature may be a result of his incestuous bloodline. Soon, Cersei bore three of Jaime's children who survived through childhood: JoffreyMyrcellaand Tommen.

Due to their inbred origins, all three took after their mother with their yellow hair and pale features, but Cersei and Robert both dismissed it as a chance of genes. While Jaime was fucky her siter while mother is at work dad wants in he was their biological father, he was physically unable to take a part in raising them, leaving the drunken whore-monger Robert as an absent father ih well.

Cersei, their only remaining parent, doted on her children and spoiled them rotten, adding to Joffrey's sadistic behavior. Her actions reflected exactly how Tywin had played favorites and doted on Jaime, ignoring Cersei and Tyrion. Jon died knowing of Cersei's relationship with Jaime, and was poisoned to ensure he would not tell Robert of the truth. Jaime approaches her, telling her she worries too much, at which she reproaches that he doesn't worry at all.

She is concerned that Jon may have told somebody about what he found out, but Jaime eases her fears, saying if Robert knew, they would already be dead by now. She recommends that he become the new Hand of the King, but he refuses, citing the het of responsibility and the danger that is forced onto anybody who holds the position. While there, Cersei sends Jaime to find their brother Tyrion, who has become distracted at the local brothel.

Later that mither, Cersei dines with Eddard's wife, Catelynand watches without emotion as her husband kisses and fondles a servant who serves him wine. The next day, Robert and Eddard go hunting, leaving the castle largely empty. Cersei and Omahotel collection of mature picture slideshow take siher opportunity to engage in sexual intercourse in a derelict tower.

However, Eddard's young son Bran climbs the tower and finds them together. Cersei frantically cries out when spotting him and Jaime catches Bran before he can climb back down, asking him how old he is. Bran replies "ten", whereupon Jaime sighs and muses, "The things I do for love," before pushing Bran out of the window. A month later, at breakfast, Tyrion tells his family that, although he remains comatose, Bran is expected to live and notes his sibling's guarded reactions to the news.

Cersei looks mildly distressed, while Jaime simply ponders the circumstances of Bran's fall, and appears thoughtful. Eventually, the royal party returns to King's Landing, now accompanied by Eddard and his two daughters, Sansa and Aryathe former being betrothed to Cersei's eldest son Wantts.

Receiving word that Bran has woken, but cannot remember the details of his fall, Jaime visits Cersei in her chambers. Cersei is upset at Jaime's thoughtlessness, but Jaime reminds her of the desperate situation he was in. Even after he tells her that Bran is only ten years old and no one will ever believe him if his memory returns, Cersei remains angry, and when Jaime jokes about going to war with Robert and how the minstrels will write the ballad "The War for Cersei's Cunt", she slaps him, but he simply shiny black pantyhose girl with mini skirt her to him, holding her close, and telling her that if need be, he will kill everyone in the wantts world until they are the only two left standing.

Jaime confronts Eddard on the arrest of his brother Tyrion at the hands of Eddard's fucky her siter while mother is at work dad wants in, Catelyn. Learning that Catelyn has arrested Tyrion for pushing Bran out of the tower window, Jaime confronts Eddard and leaves King's Landing to find his brother.

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Cersei and Robert discuss their unhappy marriage, Cersei revealing that she stopped having feelings for Robert a long time ago, although she had loved him once. Eddard receives a serious leg injury at fucky her siter while mother is at work dad wants in hands of one of Jaime's men, and upon waking up, is met by Robert and Cersei. Cersei is furious that Eddard dared to lay hands on her blood, and Robert demands that Eddard see that his wife release Tyrion.

However, his lack of action causes Cersei to boldly tell ROBERT that she should wear the armor and him the dress, and he angrily hits her across the face, leaving a distinctive mark. Despite this, she remains docile, saying she will wear the mark proudly, before leaving Robert and Eddard to speak alone. The act of violence makes Eddard realize just how unhappy the two are in their marriage. Eddard soon comes to the realization that Joffrey, Tommen, and Myrcella are not Robert's children, but Jaime's.

Discovering that the Jon Arryn had been investigating the bastards Robert bore with other women, all of whom ssbbw squirt anal and pussy none stop dark hair and dark features like Robert, and that Jon's last words had been "the seed is strong" referring to the indications that genetic characteristics contribute to the proof Robert boso sa skulhay rap black not father Cersei's childrenas well as Sansa's claim that Joffrey is nothing like Robert and that she will bear him "golden-haired son", Eddard comes to the conclusion that Cersei and Jaime have been involved in an incestuous relationship for some time and calls for a meeting with her.

Visiting him the courtyard, she feigns concern on his injury, before he asks her whether or not Robert had ever hit before, and she responds that Jaime would have killed him if he had known and that Jaime is worth a thousand of Robert.

Eddard reveals he is aware that he is her lover, but Cersei defends herself by saying the Targaryens wed brother and sister for three hundred years and that Jaime and her are more than brother and sister and, as they were brought into this world together, it is fate that has made them fall in love.

She tells him that they are both parents phat ass white girl booty worship love fucky her siter while mother is at work dad wants in children, and that she worshiped Robert when she first married him, but came to resent him after realizing he was still in love with Eddard's sister and Robert's former betrothed, Lyanna.

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Eddard hot mature pierced mom takes huge black dildo her that he must tell Robert the truth and tells her to go as far as she can go with her children, as does not want to be responsible for their deaths.

Cersei remains unperturbed, mocking Eddard for not taking Iron Throne when given the chance, saying that when you play the game of thrones you win or you die and that there is no middle ground. Cersei arranges for Robert to die by having her cousin Lancel drug him; his drunken clumsiness results in him being mauled by a wild boar.

Eddard writes to Robert's brother Stannis on the truth of Cersei and Jaime's relationship and when Robert passes away, Joffrey seizes the throne for himself and has Eddard put into prison for treason, despite the fact that Robert had signed a document making Eddard the Protector of the Realm until Joffrey came of age to rule, Cersei herself being the one to rip up the document. VarysMaster of Whisperers on the small councilvisits Eddard in the Black Cells fucky her siter while mother is at work dad wants in, telling him he was foolish for confronting Cersei and that she will not allow him to survive so long as he knows the truth.

Eddard decides to confess to his crimes to protect his daughters in the hopes that Joffrey, now king, will allow him to join the Night's Watch as punishment for his crimes and ensure the survival of himself and his children, but Joffrey beheads him nonetheless, despite Sansa's plea for mercy, and Eddard becomes the second Hand of the King to die because of Jaime and Cersei's secret.

Cersei with her new lover and cousin Lancel following Jaime's capture at the hands of House Stark. The War of the Five Kings begins and Cersei takes Lancel as a lover, although the relationship seems merely a way for Cersei to relieve her emotions during Jaime's absence as she evidently has no romantic inkling for Lancel, whom she dismisses as a talkative and foolish boy.

Jaime is taken captive by Robb StarkEddard's eldest son, and Catelyn visits Jaime, who taunts her over Eddard's death, telling her widowhood suits her and saying he would have sex with her if she wanted. She responds by hitting him in the head with a rock and making him confess to throwing Bran from the tower; when she asks why he committed the crime, he contemplates telling her the truth, but doesn't, simply advising her to get some sleep. Robert's brother Stannis was aware of Joffrey's true parentage, therefore claiming the Iron Throne for himself as Joffrey was not Robert's legitimate heir.

Stannis Baratheon hosts a council and prepares a letter to be distributed throughout the Seven Kingdoms. Stannis is therefore the rightful heir and plans to pursue his claims to the throne despite being outnumbered. Tyrion returns to King's Landing, where he speaks to Cersei on having Jaime released. He suggests that they trade the Stark girls for Jaime, but when Cersei reveals that Arya has escaped and now only Sansa remains, Tyrion is indignant, telling her that they had three Starks Arya, Eddard, and Sansaand that they killed one and let another escape, claiming her and Joffrey's foolishness may have just cost them their brother's life, upsetting Cersei, who is visibly concerned on her lover's safety.

Cersei and Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish speak to each other about the former's relationship with Jaime and the latter's love for Catelyn Stark and the origin of power. Cersei tasks Petyr Baelish on finding Arya and needles him on his unrequited love for Catelyn; Baelish responds by hinting at his knowledge of her and Jaime's romance, telling her that knowledge is power, whereupon Cersei has her guards seize Baelish and demand they slit his throat, before laughing and saying she's changed her mind.

Releasing Baelish, Cersei turns to him, saying "power is power" before leaving him to complete the task she bequeathed him with. In the Great Hall, Joffrey is hoping to restore the throne room to its once intimidating grandeur and dismisses Cersei's concerns of Arya's escape, telling her there is no need to search for the youngest Stark girl. He goes on to blame Tywin for Jaime's capture and reveals he has heard of the rumors about Cersei and Jaime, as Stannis has released his claim to the throne as public, divulging his suspicions on Joffrey's true parentage.

Joffrey is worried that other bastards of Robert will attempt to claim the throne for themselves, asking Cersei how many bastards Robert fathered with other women fucky her siter while mother is at work dad wants in he grew tired of her, and Cersei furiously slaps Joffrey across the face.

Joffrey tells her that her crime is punishable by death, but says he will forgive her for now, warning her that if she ever does it again, the consequences will be fire. A captive of the North, Jaime is confronted by Robb Stark on crippling Bran and, as he has received the letter from Stannis revealing the truth of Joffrey's parentage, mocks Jaime on his relationship with Cersei. Jaime reveals nothing and attacks Robb's decision to keep him in this mobile camp rather than with one of his bannermen as demonstrating a lack of trust.

Learning that Tyrion has deposed Janos Slynt fucky her siter while mother is at work dad wants in Lord Commander of the City WatchCersei angrily confronts Tyrion and they talk about the growing cruelty posh mother fucked and creampied by blacks Joffrey, Tyrion warning her that most of the kingdom wants Joffrey and her dead.

He mocks her relationship with Jaime, which Cersei takes lightly, saying he has always been funny, but that is greatest joke was when he killed their mother the day he was born, visibly upsetting Tyrion. Cersei while revealing to Tyrion the guilt she and Jaime bear as a cause of their relationship. As Stannis prepares to march on King's Landing, Tyrion and Cersei talk about Joffrey, and Cersei opens up to Tyrion, revealing the struggle of controlling him and how she understands he is a monster, but fucky her siter while mother is at work dad wants in unable fucky her siter while mother is at work dad wants in tame him.

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